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    Kitchen accessories - for your ASKO appliance

    ASKO offers a range of kitchen accessories appliances that matches the highest demands on design, function, durability as well as environmental standards.

    For you to get the right conditions and to succeed with your ASKO kitchen appliances, we also offer a wide range of ASKO accessories. Our accessories are created to match our appliances perfectly. They also allow you to adapt your appliance to match your personal requirements. With ASKO accessories your ASKO appliance will get it’s full potential.

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    Ovens accessories

    Seemingly minimalistic at first glance, ASKO ovens are multi-functional examples of cutting-edge technology. Every oven feature is built to stand the test of time in classic Scandinavian style. Find the right accessories to fit your oven.

    Hobs accessories

    In most kitchens, the hobs sees a lot of action. Whether it’s sealing a steak or simmering a delicate sauce, this appliance can play a vital role in creating many great meals. We have the accessories to fit your hob.

    Craft by ASKO

    The new A+ hybrid burner from the ASKO Craft range is really efficient and directs more of the gas energy direct under the pots and pans. Read about this and other features with our Craft range.hybrid

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