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    Hobs by ASKO - will change the way you cook, positively.

    Gas or induction? A difficult choice for many cooking enthusiasts. No matter what you choose, with an ASKO hob in the kitchen you will have perfect control of the heat. The gas hobs features the unique Volcano wok burner with highly concentrated flame and stable support for the wok pan, the induction hobs are equipped with Bridge Induction™ zones making it possible to combine different sized pans. Choose whatever you want, but it must be an ASKO.

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    Gas Hobs

    All ASKO gas hobs are equipped with the unique A+ burners that produce a perfectly adjustable pure flame, which not only produces a very high output but also directs the flame to the underside of your pan. The precision-engineered flame ports ensure that the flame has the shortest distance to the bottom of the pan. More energy is then utilised and the heat is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the pan.

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    Induction Hobs

    Cooking with induction is fast, easy and safe. Each zone has its own individual control as well as a timer that keeps track of ­different cooking times and turns off the hobs when the set time is reached. The ASKO induction hobs are also very safe. The heat is generated only in the pan itself and not in the ­surrounding surfaces and the zone cools quickly once the pan has been removed. Since the hob only heats the surface ­under the pan, you needn’t worry about cleaning if it boils over, ­because ­nothing is burned onto the hob. If anything is spilled, wipe it off easily with a damp cloth and clean the surface with tap water.

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    Domino Hobs

    You can compile your own ideal hob using ASKO Domino hob. They can be built in next to each other, or ­combined beautifully with a full-size gas or induction hob. The Domino hobs are available in induction or gas with two A+ burners or with a Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner. If you like wok cooking but prefer induction, choose an induction wok. And if you want to go all the way with Asian cuisine, we can offer both a teppanyaki and a deep fryer.

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    Explore the features in ASKO hobs

    With a hob from ASKO you have the right conditions to succeed with your cooking. We have a wide range of hobs to fit all your needs. Read about some of the features you can experience in our hobs.

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