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    Modern, functional and beautiful kitchen products – made to let you indulge your creativity and passion.

    The heart of the home

    For many of us, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Not only is it where we make the food that nourishes us, it's also a place where creativity and enjoyment can be let loose – with the right ingredients, and the right equipment. 

    As a result, we have created our kitchen appliances to function beautifully, but also to give you the chance to explore your own passion for food and drink. They've been inspired by the durability and versatility of professional kitchens, designed to harmonize with your home, and built to last for years. But above all else, they've been made to let you create, serve and store healthy, delicious food.


    Open the door of any ASKO dishwasher, and you'll see that they contain a lot of steel – more than any other on the market, perhaps. ASKO dishwashers are renowned for their build, their quality, their performance and their long lifespans. This has never been more evident than in our latest generation of dishwashers. They're sturdy and reliable kitchen companions, built to an elegant, sleek and sophisticated design, that perform sustainably and quietly so as not to make too much of an impact on either the planet, or the ambience of your home. And, of course, they take brilliant care of your kitchenware. You can feel confident about putting even your most precious crockery in them, safe in the knowledge that it'll come out spotless and in great condition.

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    Kitchen Accessories

    We have the accessories to fit your kitchen appliance. Need a new basket or door to your dishwasher? Or a new pan to your bridge hob? Take a look at our assortment and find what you need.

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    For those who expect more

    We love the warmth, the light, the sounds and the scents of a kitchen – a really magical place at the heart of the home. And we've been selling high quality appliances for decades, giving us all the experience we need to create a range that both exemplifies everything we love about design and function, and helps you explore the joy of cooking in exciting new ways.

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