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    Ovens by ASKO - unique design and highest quality

    Powerful ovens by Asko

    ASKO ovens come with a unique interaction philosophy based on a TFT touchscreen with the most frequently used functions immediately accessible. The interface is easy and engaging to use and will encourage you to explore all features and functions of your oven.

    If you need coaching in your cooking, then select any of the auto programs in your ASKO oven. You simply select a dish from a list of pre-programmed dishes and then adjust weight and intensity if necessary. The interface is packed with useful information that encourages you to explore the full functionality of the oven.

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    Combi Steam ovens

    Steam is used daily by professional chefs to bring out more flavour from the food and to create delicious crispy crusts on bread and pastries. Cooking with steam is gentle on food and preserves vitamins and nutrients better than traditional boiling. With our combination steam ovens you can combine traditional convection with steam in a single cooking program or simply use just hot air or pure steam.

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    Multifunctional ovens

    The ASKO multifunctional ovens offers a wide range of functions that allows you to use the different heaters, the fan and the steam function in different combinations to make the best of every meal you are preparing. The functions can even be combined in the one and same oven cycle to make the final result even more perfect.

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    Pyrolytic ovens

    Just like other cookware you use in your kitchen the oven requires regular cleaning. That’s when your new ASKO pyrolytic oven comes in handy. During the pyrolysis programme the oven heats to 465 °C and all grease and leftovers are carbonised to a fine ash, which you then easily wipe up. And to make it even better, you can also clean the baking trays with pyrolysis.

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    Combi Microwave ovens

    The power of combination - With our combined microwave oven you have all the flexibility of combination cooking. It offers four different cooking methods: microwave, fan-forced convection cooking, grilling and combined traditional oven cooking with the aid of microwaves. In the same cooking programme you can defrost, switch to traditional convection and finish with a short grill.

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